Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glittery ribbons!

Hi everyone! Today's haul would be on glittery ribbons, and if you all don't already know
I really love ribbons!
So let's get this tutorial started!


Since I haven't got myself a proper base coat, I decided to just
settle with The Faceshop base coat, to protect my natural nails. 

Next I painted 2 coats of black as the base colour
with this Vivid brand that I got from the Night market I guess,
I have this for quite a long time and it is still not too thick to be used, honestly!


Next, I used OPI- Spark De Triomphe that came with my white shatter,
as a gift from my friend for my birthday! 
I would recommend using a silver or gold glittery nail polish for this design
because it will tend to stand out more on a black base.
After painting on the ribbon, I pasted on a purplish pink diamond
that I got it also from a Night market to make the ribbon stand out better, as well as
make it look more like a ribbon!

so this is my finished design, and I hope you girls enjoyed this tutorial!
Do comment and suggest below for more nail designs and tell me if you have tried this out!

With Love,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

`*:;,.★~January Bellabox ~☆・:.,;*

After missing out on December's Bellabox, I have decided to try and film this monthly. Perhaps next month's box will be film on time. Heh (*≧ω≦) As for now, lets all watch and enjoy this video!   

Samples mentioned:
- Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel
- Pangea Organics Lip Balm
- Dr Jart BB Cream
- Herban Essesntials Towelette
- The Face Shop Organature Cleasing Foam


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashion and beauty haul + Exciting (flea) announcement

To welcome the new year, I decided to film a haul/annoucement video. I hope this first video is a start for many more. Like what I mentioned in this video(please watch first!), I hope that you guys will continue to support me and youtube, as well as, this blog. 

In this video, I also "announced" that I am having a flea at my house this Sat, 7th Jan and next Sat, 14th Jan. More details are available here

Before I forget, seradebeaute is going to be providing manicure services ONLY on the 7th Jan. So if you plan on getting your nails done, please take note of this information.

Express manicure: $5
Classic manicure: $15
Nail designs: $1 - $2 per nail

I really hope you guys will come down and support me to kick start this event. 

Thank you,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hi everyone!!
This nail tutorial will teach you how to create designs with the KONAD 
Nail kit! 
So Let's get the tutorial started!

First, I use the Sally Hansen's Instant Strength Base coat to protect my
own natural nails. 

Next, Apply OPI - Colour So hot It Burns, 
Or any other red colour you have!
Any colour can be used as a base!!
I used this Chilli red colour because I want the design to stand out from the base colour. 


So this is the basic things that you need for Your KONAD nail design
1. A tissue to put under the plate
2. Your desired design plate
3. Scraper
4. Stamper

For the design, I chose the one in the middle, the one with the bow and 3 lines. 

So using OPI - Mummy Knows Best from the Spookettes Collection

Paint the design you want. Make sure you cover the whole design.

Scrap off any excess With the Scraper. 

Quickly, use the Stamper to stamp up your design by rolling your stamp 
over the design with equal force to get the whole design on your stamp. 
Then angle your design in the way you prefer, and roll it over your Nails!

Apply Seche Vite or any other Top coat to protect your design and make it 
have a glossy finish!
There you  go, pretty designs without any extra effort!
Hope you all enjoy from this tutorial and do comment below if you have tried it out!

With Love,


Sunday, December 18, 2011

My first gelish!!

Hi everyone!!
 Today i'm gonna show you all my very first gelish nails that i have currently have on my hands!

Christmas is coming, and i'm all set for christmas!! 
Do comment below if you want a tutorial on how to do this nail design,
or more suggestions!! 

With love